Helping You Make a Positive Impact on Your Customers, Clients, and Employees
Customer & Client Appreciation

People don't care what you know, until they know that you care.


Big companies have the resources to host golf outings or send lavish gifts to show appreciation to their clients
and say 'thank you' for their business. Due to the expense, this isn't an option for all entrepreneurs and business
owners, even though the sentiment is there.


Columbia Hypnosis & Coaching has developed a CA program so you can strengthen your relationship with your
customers and clients for the cost of donuts and bagels.  

Host a motivational seminar and invite your customers and clients as your guest. Give them the gift of relaxation, information, and transformation.  You can schedule up to one seminar per quarter. As they begin to associate your company name with positive thoughts and feelings, they'll understand how much you value them as a client and a friend.

How to Host a Seminar

  • Work with Michele to determine your specific seminar topic

  • Set an appropriate date

  • Invite your clients or customers - 10+ guests required

  • Provide refreshments of your choice

For more information or to schedule a seminar for your customers or clients, contact Michele Burghardt at 314.566.1418.

Employee Wellness

According to Gallup, absenteeism related to stress and anxiety cost companies an estimated $443,000 in lost productivity per 1,000 employees per year. To put this into perspective 56 percent of employees claim that they feel stress in the workplace and that it carries over to their personal and family life.

According to The Society for Human Resource Management, one viable way to improve employee health and decrease the negative impact working under stress causes is to implement an effective health management strategy. This is why we've developed two programs for your employees to help them remain relaxed so they can work at their peak performance.

Wellness on Demand

This benefit offers every employee of your organization a discount of $25 per session for themselves and their immediate families. There is no limit on the number of sessions they can utilize nor how they choose to utilize this service.


There is no cost to the employer with this program, however to qualify for your employees you must:

  • Have a minimum of three employees

  • Promote Wellness on Demand to your employees at the launch of the program

  • Promote Wellness on Demand to your employees at least one time per month on an on-going basis

  • Enroll for a minimum of three months  

For more information or to enroll your employees in this Wellness on Demand program contact Michele Burghardt at 314.566.1418.


On-Site Wellness

Columbia Hypnosis & Coaching understands that your greatest asset is your employees and you want them feeling, happy, engaged, and working at peak performance as often as possible. But, life is busy and everyone needs an opportunity to de-stress and regain their equilibrium.


All of our on-site wellness programs include information PLUS transformation which means your employees learn tools that help them make positive changes that have an immediate and long-term effect on their professional and personal lives.

  • Our programs range in depth from 60 minutes to two hours

  • Programs can be customized for your specific needs

  • There is no limit on the number of individuals who can attend

  • Fees are based on the determined length of the program

For more information or to schedule an on-site wellness program for your employees contact Michele Burghardt at 314.566.1418.





If we think business is business, not personal - think again. Everything we do is impacted by what we were
taught to believe about ourselves and the world around us before we reached the age of 12. 


These are the habits, behaviors, and belief systems we bring to the work place. That's why mindset matters. 
Our past mental programming impact our work performance because our results are guided by our brain's s
elf-perception. and because the brain control our behaviors, we can only behavior in a way that matches that
perception. This is the science of success.

Want to learn how the brain impacts your business? Invite me to present a mindset workshop for your team or
group. I'll share the science of success which explains why some individuals can't seem to get themselves unstuck or able to move to the next level and provide an experience of unique transformation.

Here are Some of our most Popular Workshop Topics:

  • The Bridge between Average & Awesome is Mindset

  • How to Crush the Glass Ceiling You Created

  • Eliminate Fear so you can Fly

  • From Procrastination to Motivation

Workshops are presented based on your specific needs and range from 30 minutes, for educational purposes only, or up to three hours if you want to include a group transformation sessions. Fees are based on program length and number of attendees. 


For more information or to schedule a workshop for your team contact Michele Burghardt at 314.566.1418.​