Lisa Barker, Waterloo, IL

“Michele helped me figure out that I had anxiety and stress issues that needed to be addressed. They were preventing me from losing weight as well as causing other health concerns.


She has helped me lose weight and continues to point the way for me to untangle the complex web to overall good health.


For me, she is so much more than a weight loss coach, she is a life coach. Going to Michele has been life changing.”

Karen Asinger Matzenbacher, Waterloo, IL

"I've gone to Michele over the last year and am having great results with weight loss and exercise using hypnosis.


I highly recommend this experience, especially now that she has opened an office in Columbia. Thanks Michele!"


"For some strange reason my confidence level dropped when I started my new job. It was scary because it's 100% commission, I don't have a salary to fall back on. Working with Michele on abundance coaching made a huge difference. I feel like my old self".

“Abundance coaching just comes naturally to Michele. Every time I work with her I receive a powerful nugget of clarity. She has such an ability to drill down and offer recommendations that I can implement immediately. She’s great to work with”.


"I went through hypno-coaching with Michele and was very impressed with the results. It's simple, practical and effective. Many of us have a self-limiting behavior or two and hypnosis is a viable option to make great strides fairly quickly. Michele's abundance coaching is professional. She is warm, yet skilled and has a sense of humor. I recommend her wholeheartedly".